Dear Rachel Hollis, Girl, thank you.

Dear Rachel Hollis,

This may not be an ideal situation of how I should kickstart or revive a prior attempt at blogging, but hey who really always knows what they’re doing before they go for it.  There has to be a risk somewhere, a leap of faith right? So here’s mine.  I think every woman and their dog is reading or has recently read Girl, Wash Your Face and rightfully so. It seems to be a song on repeat that we’re all jammin’ out to because why? Well Rachel, you have done exactly what I’m sure you set a goal to do, which is truly make an impact through honest, raw, transparent, in your face writing.  You’ve poured out your life experiences that have brought unbelievable wisdom and you’ve shared that with the literal world in a fearless way that I know myself and thousands and thousands of women appreciate beyond measure.  We love your book, because it screams from the rooftops REAL LIFE and holy cow aren’t we all craving some real life truth these days?  I believe with every fiber of my being that we are all so tired of the impossible protocol to keep up with perfection based on impossible earthly standards and this rat race makes us drown in the sea of lies that you’ve so perfectly addressed.  “We are dong pretty good — and pretty good is way better than trying to fake perfection any day of the week.” The chapter outline alone was enough to make me want to shout hallelujah, because those lies are blasted from the enemy daily and they creep into our relationships, homes and ultimately our souls.  It’s life sucking, but you called those lies out and defeated them with the ultimate amens of truth.

You’ve written the narrative of a kajillion women who are feeling like the “I’m nots”, but you have shown you can become an “I am” with an inspiring “wash your face”, if you want it – make it happen – attitude.  You’ve let us walk into your story to see that we are not alone in this and there are ways to reach our goals instead of letting lies and FEAR mask what we are truly capable of doing, all the while providing a plethora of side commentary to make us laugh.  I have absolutely loved watching your live insta stories and listening to the RISE TOGETHER podcast, because it is so refreshing to see and hear a blunt (in the best way),  transparent attitude.  I tapped on the live story the other morning and I was pumped to see a towel still on your head with coffee in hand; THAT is the type of transparency that speaks without intimidation and embodies the welcome phrase of “come as you are.”  Let’s talk, there is no judgement here.  Here I am and I want to help anyway that I can.

When you were so humbled, “proud”, and grateful for your book being illegally translated and basically bootlegged that it brought you to tears because it was getting into the hands and hearts of women who need it internationally,  I thought to myself; Rachel Hollis is hands-down legit and completely authentic (not that you need my approval and who knows if you’ll ever even read this.)  You can’t fake a genuine heart.  Now I’ve taken all of this time to say from all of us Girl, THANK YOU.  Thank you for walking out such authenticity and for using your own life to invite other daughters, wives and mothers to let TRUTH crush the lies.  FEAR IS A LIAR (great song) and this letter or post has served as one step for me overcoming the fear of what others think.  Overcoming the fear of becoming just another failed blogger and overcoming the lie that what I have to say is not valuable enough for anyone to ever hear. “Do you think it’s not scary and hard and overwhelming?  Of course it is, but if she didn’t fight against the fear, if she didn’t allow the change to turn her into her true self, we would never know how beautiful she is.  She would never know that she was meant to fly.” Plus I really want to be done with just the desire to write and share and have decided to actually DO it.  Rachel you encouraged me to make the choice to shut the lies up.  From the bottom of my heart, thank you.


(A born and raised Texan who additionally loves that you’re now Texan too)



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