Finding words

Before this I had plans to write about 5 other blogs, none including what I’m coming with today.  Life spins, the world turns and we move with it and sometimes you blink and it’s March when you meant to write at the beginning of February, but that’s not why I’m here.

I lost a classmate today, a friend.  Someone’s son, brother and uncle; others lost a best friend today and I know that feeling all too well.  I know the mourning that comes from the depths of their heart and it’s an ache that cannot be explained.  It was sudden, unexpected and a text I didn’t want to receive and I’m only a mere piece of the puzzle in the big picture of people he knew and loved.  In times like these there is nothing that we can say, we’re left in shock and we try to find the words, but we can’t.  I guess I’m writing because this is my therapy alongside praying and telling people I love them because today I can.  Loss always strikes differently when it’s someone you know.  You can replay the memories, find the photos of the good times, and we find ourselves longing to rewind the clock to those moments.  As I’ve written before in a heavy season of loss this resonates with me still today, “while there are no words to fill the void that our friend is gone, there are many elements that transcend the sting of death.  The beauty of “in loving memory” is the memory: memories give us the opportunity to keep precious moments that were shared alive.  Photographs freeze those moments in time and help us replay those memories.  Prayer that is powerfully comforting and effective, and lastly but most importantly we have the hope of heaven which should excite us for the everlasting life we can share with those that we love forever.  So while we remain in heartbreak over Dakota, we will continue to celebrate with the golden memories, photographs, prayer and cling to the love of the Lord who can bring us peace, joy and grant us eternity in heaven.”

We’ve heard far too often life is short.  We’ve heard live like there is no tomorrow and take all things one day at a time, but I know I’ve lived many days where I’ve stopped listening.  We let the world spin faster each day and forget to hug our people a little tighter, hold on to a grudge a little longer, get annoyed with taking a picture, pass on forgiveness and don’t remind our friends how much we love them.  So in my attempt to find words I’m left with few…

Pray, because we have a Heavenly Father who can bring comfort and peace that transcends all understanding.

Forgive, because it make the world a better place while we’re still here.

Love everybody always and never pass on a chance to tell them.


Dakota Barker, I’m thankful I knew you. 

18 If your heart is broken, you’ll find God right there; | Psalm 34:18a MSG


Know You Are Loved

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