Hello friends, I’m Nikka Horschig.

Wife to Justin Horschig. Mama to #McKinleeHarper. Harding University Alumni 2013.  Texan forever.  NWArkansas transplant.  Former Teacher, Coach and Youth Minister + more importantly an imperfect Jesus follower.

Above is a compiled laundry list of what you’d probably hear me using to give you a taste of who I am, and since I graduated high school in 2009 it seems my life has hit the ground at one billion mph.  I became a college graduate, wife, mama, began my career in teaching and built a house all within the span of two years.  Since then we’ve lived in 3 different places since our move to Arkansas, the last currently being a blessing of a fixer upper and let’s not forget we survived a global pandemic. Are you exhausted just reading that?!  Little did I know, these defining moments are only the tip of the iceberg for what the Lord has in store for our little family.

Writing has become, well in hindsight has always been, an emotional release for me; true pruning, stretching refining, deep heart therapy.  A sacred act where I can pour my untamed feelings, which if you know me on any level at all, I have an unbelievable amount of feelings. HASHTAG BLESSED (what is or was widely used as an annoying catch phrase) is now my sporadic online diary of all the things and hopefully a reflection of Jesus’ rhythms of grace in my life.

In a dream world, I would say expect me to post all the time or at least once a week, but realistically I’ll be pleased with more than one post a year; see instagram for a normal amounts of updates.  I find too many expectations to be tolling, so what you CAN expect here is a space full of honesty. Thank you for stopping by; know you’re loved.

IMG_5991 2

“Count your many blessings name them one by one and it will surprise you what the Lord has done.”

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