Mic check. One two. One two. Is this thing on?

I guess it’s about time to dance on the keys of this barely breathing life of a blog, not just because it’s been in quite the comatose state for a significant about of time, but I just received that annual payment subscription receipt. WHOOPS. Nothing like literally having to put your money where your online mouth is; sorry J.

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Rest + Work | Silence + Noise

It’s quiet in my house as J and Mac braved the 2021 Polar Vortex and left me alone for some time to myself.  And for the ambivert I am who spent Friday game night with friends, survived M’s crack of dawn little dribbler basketball game, slammed down some Buttered Biscuit brunch and took a casual target stroll all before 11 a.m today, THIS quiet moment is truly the ultimate Valentine’s gift. 

Initially when I came home I mentally called the play of falling asleep to Parks and Rec, but after making it as far as sitting on the couch with full eskimo gear still in tact and embarrassingly mindlessly scrolling through Instagram to sink into the rabbit hole of recent Bachelor Nation news I now find myself here. Read More »

Thank you, Blake

I’m at home today.

Today marks three years since one of the hardest days of my life thus far.  It’s been three years since I was at home with McKinlee while J was up at the gym working the boy’s basketball free throw-a-thon and I received a more than out of the ordinary morning phone call from Scotti Beth.  “Blake passed away Nikka.” Read More »

the reflective series one| life lately

Today is Friday, my “day off”, but today began by meeting with my youth ministry shepherds/coordinators at my new favorite hangout spot in town and since my to-do list is about a million miles long, instead of spending my time under the softest blanket on my couch at home watching Friends, I’m still here.  I’m the girl on the corner couch by the windows with everything all over the place aiming to get things done, and I quickly reminded myself that I made a goal to write a blogpost weekly, sooooo I’m going 3/3. Read More »

Choose to champion

Okay, I’m a competitive person by nature.  Seriously, I’ll race you to the car, get sweaty over a card game and fight to the finish even if it’s a silly game of Headbandz.  I’m an achiever, a sports fanatic and I cannot stand to lose.  There are several people in the world who could truly care less about who wins a game and it definitely won’t keep them up at night, but we all have an underlying human spirit of competition that reveals itself in the ugliest form; comparison.

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2 0 1 9 | prepare

Hello friends, Happy 2019!

Does that number freak anyone else out? I’m already processing that the next year, if the Lord decides to lead us there, will be 2020; the year that in elementary school days seemed like an eternity away and now it’s just around the corner.  Yep, here we are at the start of another year and if you’re reading this let me start by saying THANK YOU for being here.  I’m sure you could be spending your time doing something way cooler like watching Friends or Taylor Swift’s Reputation Stadium Tour on Netflix (I wouldn’t blame you if you left right now for that), or reading a much more reputable author’s latest novel, but instead you’re here showing interest in what my heart has to say, so from the very beginning, thank you.Read More »

Five years as big as TX

October is easily the favorite month for both J and me (I know we’re not alone in this), because it’s the pinnacle of all things fall and more importantly it’s our anniversary month.  It literally feels like we just got married and we’re still trying to figure out how we’re not newlyweds anymore and how we are closer to 30 than 20, but we’re not here to dwell on that.  I’m not going to lie we for sure went HARD IN THE PAINT this go round on the whole celebrating situation which is totally justified because we made it FIVE YEARS everybody and any anniversary, with exception to the first, ending in a 5 or 0 calls for a little something extra.  Read More »