Horschig Vacay: Glamping Edition

Happy FRIYAY Friends!

It’s the last day of August and FALL will be upon us soon (praise God from whom all blessings flow), but as promised via instagram here I am attempting to provide some details of our extremely “extra” Horschig family vacation in memory of a great 2018 summer.  I am completely unashamed in saying that we went GLAMPING and y’all it was hands down one of the best experiences I’ve ever had camping in the primetime season of sun.  Read More »

Dear Rachel Hollis, Girl, thank you.

Dear Rachel Hollis,

This may not be an ideal situation of how I should kickstart or revive a prior attempt at blogging, but hey who really always knows what they’re doing before they go for it.  There has to be a risk somewhere, a leap of faith right? So here’s mine.  I think every woman and their dog is reading or has recently read Girl, Wash Your Face and rightfully so. It seems to be a song on repeat that we’re all jammin’ out to because why? Read More »

Class dismissed.

I probably picked a million different words to title this post because to no surprise the side effects of my regular indecisiveness and swirling emotional character are currently in full swing.  In my “ideal life” I would routinely wake up with the sun as the day is beginning (Dad, you can go ahead and laugh) while having a cream & sugar filled Rae Dunn ‘good morning’ mug of coffee as I have quiet time with the Lord and reflect through writing.  Unfortunately my reality tells a different story starting with the true fact that I could sleep like it’s an olympic sport along with the whole wife, MOM, teacher and coach mixture, so here I am writing my first post in two years.Read More »


Without any surprise it’s been a while since I’ve written, but today more than ever I feel like the only appropriate therapy is to release all of my current emotions and break the silence.  This Earth is completely knowledgable of four particular seasons, but the older I get the more I learn this life abounds far more than a mere four.  I’m reaching the state of vulnerability and complete honesty in saying that I’ve been amidst the season of a storm that is full of dark and heavy crashing waves.Read More »


I’ll start off saying it’s probably a good thing I didn’t make it an official new years resolution to blog often, because if so I’d have to admit I’ve failed miserably.  Luckily, I only hoped to write more so it’s not quite a failure right?

My best description of life lately would be appropriately labeled as crazy and if you’ve talked to me recently you can testify that I’ve said that word a time or two… or twenty.  My second year of teaching has come and gone; today I already completed my Professional Development swap days for THANKSGIVING BREAK. What? As Ellis Grey said, “the carousel never stops turning.” (and not in the morbid negative connotation she so often meant by this, moreso that time keeps flying by…okay?)  Read More »

Cheers 2014. Hello 2015.

At the close of every year most people take the time to reflect on their past year and I’m still trying to wrap my mind around the fact that 2014 is already past considering I thought 2013 was going to be a huge year to top, but oh was I mistaken.  I was still experiencing a lot of new things in my first job when I found out I was pregnant with McKinlee and that surprise became the catalyst of decision making which included changing school districts and moving to a small duplex to prepare for building our own house.  Read More »