Cheers 2014. Hello 2015.

At the close of every year most people take the time to reflect on their past year and I’m still trying to wrap my mind around the fact that 2014 is already past considering I thought 2013 was going to be a huge year to top, but oh was I mistaken.  I was still experiencing a lot of new things in my first job when I found out I was pregnant with McKinlee and that surprise became the catalyst of decision making which included changing school districts and moving to a small duplex to prepare for building our own house.  I can easily say that becoming a mother was easily the biggest game changer of the year, but has also been the most fun, challenging, exhausting, beautiful, rewarding gift that I could have ever asked for.  Justin and I are beyond in love with our tiny human who’s growing day by day and helping us see a glimpse of what God’s love for us must truly be like.  If someone told me I would have changed jobs, moved and had a child this past year I may have laughed uncontrollably and called them a fool, but the smartest fool they would have been. Cheers to 2014, it was one for the books (or blog per say) and one I’m eternally grateful for.


Now we enter the new year with hopeful dreams and extreme excitement for what is to come.  I’ll be returning to work after 10 glorious weeks at home with McKinlee and you can be 100% sure that I’ll cry when I drop her off and say goodbye for 8+ hours a day.  Being a working mother is definitely uncharted territory and a challenge I’m nervous to take on, but it will be a learning experience nonetheless.  I’m one of those to-do list, planner, goal setters because I feel it’s what will help me survive my crazy life and although Back to the Future’s predictions of phone glasses and hoverboards in 2015 aren’t looking too promising; there are goals I hope to hold myself accountable for.

Pray more + worry less.

Get into THE WORD more.

Teach McKinlee about Jesus.

Be smart about finances. 

Be love.

When I think about what is ahead, Lord willing, I am ecstatic and giddy at the thought of all the growth that will occur.  I’ll finish my second year of teaching and my first season of coaching track, reach a second year of marriage with my wonderful husband, build a home, and we’ll watch McKinlee reach so many milestones; hear her first laugh, words, watch her mouth fill with wittle teef, safety proof the house as she becomes mobile through crawling then watch her take her first steps.  I absolutely cannot wait.


Hello 2 0 1 5, we’re ready for ya. 

One thought on “Cheers 2014. Hello 2015.

  1. I miss your great math teaching I really miss you you always made me smile at the end of the day in your math classroom.


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