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I guess it’s about time to dance on the keys of this barely breathing life of a blog, not just because it’s been in quite the comatose state for a significant about of time, but I just received that annual payment subscription receipt. WHOOPS. Nothing like literally having to put your money where your online mouth is; sorry J.


Life lately has been anything short of usual, but simultaneously normal; full of doing what could be considered mundane tasks such as folding the laundry or dusting the window sills, partnered with the ever so lively Back to School shake up of daily morning drop-off followed by the afternoon infamous pick up car line. Why does this matter, the one person reading this might ask? Well these seemingly usual rhythms, have struck an unusual new song of worship in my heart, because they’ve changed from tasks I had to do in the middle of running the wildly popular hamster idol of hustle to things I get to do within the margin of renewed joy. Stepping down from youth ministry was easily one of the hardest things I’ve done, because the three plus years spent with the Bentonville Youth Group did more for my heart than I’ll ever be able to articulate, but our Father promises He is faithful and blessing will follow obedience. In holy fear, I’m giving my best attempt to obey His call rest and disciple within my own home.

And amidst the beautiful mystery and messy confusion of where the Lord’s leading me these days, much like our lil’ fixer upper home I’m learning what life feels and physically looks like in progress. There are days I wish I could have the entire list checked off, every little thing to be in order and for everything to be done; complete. But as dysfunctional, complicated and long the motion of progression and renovation can sometimes feel, there is deep, amazing grace in not being finished yet. There is more opportunity and more space for joy with each small step we take. So if you’re in progress, like we all really are in this life; we’ve never fully arrived and are never fully done, I’ll be praying we can remember He’ll finish what He starts. He gives us everything we need in the motion and movement.

Scroll on down for my small steps of joy in our Horschig Harvest Home | Slide the toggle, you won’t regret it


Quilt Old Hearth & Hand Pattern & Duvet Rica Kellam Special | Bed Queen Tilden Bronze | Nightstand Thrifty Katie Martin’s House | Wall Rack | Cube Organizer | Rolling Cart | Trunk & Chair HomeGoods Good luck!

Isn’t paint magical?! Right out of the gate shoutout to Keira who spared a few hours of her life to share her love for a good chat while painting, love you forever Future Mrs. Styles. Now while I’m sure you were deeply invested in the lovely dark brown, which of course covered every other wall in the house, but unfortunately we felt it had to exit the building. There is hilarious irony in this entire room being pink, because if you know me at all. . . I’ll politely say this wouldn’t be my first choice, BUT we sacrifice as parents right? Alas, the pink girly room, but let’s not miss the focal wall of flair, the floral wallpaper!

I must admit this is a first for me as far as design is concerned and if the -10 people reading this are looking for DIY Instructions or “How to’s” on perfecting the application of peel and stick wallpaper, I would like to bring your attention to the browser search bar where you can continue your search for the particular answers for which you may be seeking. Although J and I decided to do this on a random weeknight and FOR SURE were a bit too optimistic on how long it would take to accomplish, I do believe it was quite the upgrade regardless of the unknown miscalculation of expansion of the wall that created small spaces between the pieces if you look too closely, but I digress, the overall look was still worth it!

It has been a secretly fun challenge to utilize what M already had and be strategic in what I felt could help bring the room to life. It is most definitely on our wishlist to eventually replace the carpet, but I chose a rug that pulled the warm tones and truly levels out in a camouflage type way the age of the flooring – the contrast of patterns between the rug and wall looks far more distinct in the photos. Please trust me on this one and where is the overhead light and fan you may ask? Well it’s currently nonexistent, but we do have a super nifty switch that controls the power to an outlet which was apparently a perk back in the day, BUT DON’T YOU WORRY because we decided that the floor lamp in the corner (debating if I want a different one already) needed to be plugged in on a completely different wall. I like to think of it as “don’t be afraid of the dark” training.

I’m proud to say that the oval anthro-esque Mirror Mirror on the Wall was a $6 Goodwill thrift find and will not seem like it’s at as awkward of a height when I finally find the perfect curtains that don’t cost $5923203. All in all, this room lights up my soul just like the morning sunshine that warms M’s little friends that hang out while she’s away except for Olaf, he’s praying his permafrost is really permanent.

Anyway I’d say the “I just love my room” review from M takes the cake.

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